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VIO POV 1.5 Video Camera

The V.I.O. POV.1.5, the Ultimate Point of View Camera now comes with Exposure Control, plus get a Free copy of our POV Filming Guide + Free Shipping!

The POV.1.5 is a fully integrated point-of-view (POV) video system that's waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant. The system includes a mountable camera head, built-in video recorder, wireless remote and software for managing your point-of-view videos.

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This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for product reference only.

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V.I.O. POV.1.5

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Product Description

The World's Top Point of View Camera - The VIO POV.1.5

You may have seen sports junkies shooting their own action videos for sharing with friends and family or just to show off on Youtube. If you have ever seen a thrilling video and thought to yourself, "my last ride was just as good as that!", you'll know what we mean. You can now make your own thrilling point of view action videos just like the pros with the same camera they use, the Vio Pov 1.5.

Looking for the new V.I.O. POV HD Camera?

Why Do the Best Sport Videographers Choose the Vio Pov 1.5 To Shoot Their Award Winning Videos?

In short the Vio Pov 1.5:
  • compact wearable camera system specially designed for sports videography
  • is a complete system top to bottom, includes lens and recording unit
  • fully integrated system
  • camera head designed for a multitude of mounting options
  • recording unit with LCD preview (most pov cams don't have LCD screens)
  • water resistant
  • dustproof
  • shock resistant to handle the roughest rides
  • wireless remote for fast, easy, one handed control
  • software for managing your point of view videos

A Camera From The Company That Started The Helmet Camera Industry

V.I.O. is the leading wearable video innovator being the first company to manufacture helmet camera systems to capture hands free video content. V.I.O. camera systems have been sold in more than 60 countries. Their cameras are being used by commercial, and recreational sports enthusiasts as well as the military, law enforcement, security sectors. VIO's are frequently used in the filming of major television productions.

Rugged Enough To Tackle The Toughest Sports

The Vio Pov 1.5 is custom designed for sports. You can tell the moment you open the sexy black case that this camera is built like a military device to handle any weather condition.

The cables are thick and solid, the camera head is made of metal, the recording unit is like a solid black plastic handle. No wonder the pros use it. Compare this to a flimsy consumer digicam. Which one do you feel confident using when flying around moguls or mounting on your dirt bike?

Did we mention the camera is fully water resistant, dustproof and shock proof to handle the same hazardous environments you play in? Shoot in the snow, shoot in water, shoot in the desert, shoot on a boat or car. The vio pov camera can take it!

Distinctive Wide Angle Lens To Record All You See

A wide angle lens is needed for action videography to encompass a wider visible area. Why is this important? A wider field of view makes the captured video much more immersive and puts the viewer "in the action".

Most other digital video cameras only give you a 60 to 75 degree angle of view on the widest setting. The Vio Pov 1.5 cam has a super wide 110 degree angle capture area so nothing gets cut off the edges.

Stand out from the rest of the crowd. The distinctive Iron Man red camera head tells the world you are shooting with a Vio Pov camera, the best in the world.

High Quality Video Recording

Recording at up to DVD quality 720 x 480 resolution at 30fps makes the Vio Pov 1.5 one of the highest video quality helmet cams around. You have options to shoot at lower frame rates and lower resolutions too. See the specs tab. With Support for up to 8GB SDHC memory cards, the Pov 1.5 can shoot up to 6 hours of DVD video at a time!

Shoot Safely Without Distractions

Never worry about the hazards of shooting with cheap consumer hand held video cameras that require constant adjusting. Shooting dangerous fast-paced action sports threaten athletes who have to fiddle with their on camera controls during the scene. The ergonomic hands free design of the pov 1.5 means you mount the camera and shoot hands free leading to much safer operation. Leave your hands for more important things like hanging onto your gear!

Ultra Stable Modular Star Mounting System

A strong and stable mount is critical for all point of view cameras. The POV 1.5's innovative new "star mounting" system is totally unique in the pov cam industry. The special shape is flexible enough to fit onto any surface. Six powerful magnets are provided where three fit into each arm of the star mount; this creates a firm stable mount for securing to any metalic surface and keeps the wind resistance of the pov cam to a minimum.

It can mount to anything, even a baseball cap! Place the other three magnets on the inside of the surface and then let the magnets meet and stick - this is extremely strong and the pov 1.5 cam will never slip off.

Everything You Need Is Included

The Vio Pov 1.5 is the most comprehensive package of all POV cameras. That is why it is considered the Cadillac of all point of view cameras. Some manufacturers skimp with mounting options, fail to include memory cards or don't include batteries. None come with a carrying case.

On the other hand, generous quantities of extra tie straps, velcro strips and a hook and loop mount are all part of the Vio Pov 1.5 package.

The Pov 1.5 comes with everything you need neatly strapped together in a handy professional carrying case with a handle. You can bring it straight to the field and start shooting as soon as you recieve the package from us.

PC and Mac Compatible

The POV.1.5 easily connects to PCs and Macs just like a digital camera - except the POV.1.5 transfers DVD quality video with a few simple clicks. Drag & drop right into your favorite video editors like iMovie, Movie Make, Adobe Premier, and more. Want to catch your crazy action videos at your friend's place, hotel or vacation spot before you get home? Just attach the included TV cable and hook it right up to the TV.


The V.I.O POV. 1.5 supports 8GB SDHC memory to record and store up to six hours of superb quality video, and comes standard with a 4GB SDHC card. Also included in the POV 1.5 Kit are the new and improved mounting accessories such as the super versatile and user friendly "star mount". Other mounting accessories include adhesive pads, handle bar mount and more. The POV 1.5 can be mounted to virtually any surface for hands free shooting.


Included Items:

  • POV.1.5 recorder with LCD display
  • Wide angled camera head (110 degrees)
  • POV 1.5 Manager software
  • LVDS cable
  • Wireless remote control
  • 4GB SDHC Card
  • USB cable
  • Analog A/V cable (for tv connection)
  • Quick Start Guide (with tutorials)
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Carrying case
  • Double-Hook and Loop Mount
  • Star Mount (including 6 x Neodymium magnets)


FAQ about this VIO POV. 1.5 camera

VIO POV 1.5 Review


UPC 854310001482
Manufacturer VIO
Video Frame Rates: 30fps, 25fps, 24fps, 15fps
Resolutions: 720x480, 720x400, 640x480, 360x240, 360x200, 320x240
Formats: MPEG4 AVI (DivX Codec) Digital, NTSC/PAL Analog
Exposure Control: Automatic Exposure Control and White Balance
Imaging Hardware Processor: 32-bit MIPS microprocessor, 12-bit image
Sensor Type: 1/3" Advanced CMOS sensor with electronic global shutter
Pixel Size: 6um (H) x 6um (V)
Resolution: Total pixel count: VGA (752x480), active pixel count: VGA
Dynamic Range: 75 to 110dB
Sensitivity: 5 lux Color Sensor (Sub 0.1 lux Monochrome Sensor)
Exposure: Auto control
AE Metering Setting: Auto (center-weighted)
White Balance: Auto control
ISO Speed Setting: Auto (default)
Optics Sensitivity: F/#2.0, Relative Illumination @ Full Field 90%
Effective Focal Length: 2.97mm
Focusing Range: ~40cm
Field of View: 110°
LCD Size 2"
Resolution: 640 x 240 dots (153k)
Color Arrangement: RGB Delta
Brightness: 360 cd/m2
Audio Microphone Type: Monaural Omni-directional Cable-mounted, -40dB sensitivity at 1kHz
Optional Microphone Input
Resolution: 16 Bit Half Duplex
Sampling Rate: 32kHz
SNR: 80dB
Speaker: Monaural 8ohm Mylar, 0.7W Max
Storage RAM 64MB
Internal Memory: 16MB NAND Flash
Expandable Memory: SD card, up to 8GB capacity (SDHC)
Average Recording Times: Highest Setting: 720x480, 30fps, high quality: 43min/GB
Default Setting: 640x480, 30fps, high quality: 48min/GB
Lowest Setting: 320x240, 15fps, low quality: 3hrs 56min/GB
Data Handling File Functions: Record, Playback, Delete
I/O Ports: SD Cart Slot, USB 2.0 High Speed (Mini-B), Mic-in,
NTSC/PAL Analog TV Audio Out (Live Stream Capable)
User Interface Navigation Controls: All On Recording Unit, including Quick Mode Select Keys for Recording, Playback, and Set-up Modes
Auxiliary Controls: Unidirectional RF Remote Control with Record, Tag, and Stop Controls
Functionality: Record, Tagging, File Navigation including Select, Playback, and Delte. Recording Configurable for either Standard Clip Capture or Loop Mode. User Configurable Camera Settings via Settings Menu Screens
Power and Battery Battery Type: 4 x AA Batteries (alkaline, NiMH, or Lithium)
Battery Life: Lithium Batteries: up to 10 hours
Alkaline Batteries: up to 4-5 hours
Optional Power Hatch: Continuous Power Supply through 12v power source using Cigarette Lighter Cable or Hardwire Cable
Size & Mass Recording Unit: 1.6" x 2.4" x 6.6" / 40mm x 60mm x 167mm, 11.6oz / 328grams
(with 4 x AA Batteries)
Imaging Head: 2.0oz / 58 grams
Remote Control: .85oz/ 24 grams (with A27 Battery)
Digital AV Cable: Approximately 60" / 1.5 meter length, 4.5oz / 128 grams
Additional Information: Software: POV Manager CD Included (Windows only)
PC Compatibility: Windows XP, and Vista; Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Operating Temperature: 14°F to 140°F / -10°C to 60°C
Regulatory: Safety: CE/FCC, EMC: CE, BSMI, Green Environment: RoHS compliant
Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

POV.1.5 User Manaual
POV.1.5 Troubleshooting Manual
POV.1.5 FAQs


VIO POV.1.5 Downhill MTB Video Footage filmed in French Alps

Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent but needs more accessories Review by Inspector Gadget

    I have only used this camera for two days, but so far it has been excellent for traffic stops, as the device appears rugged and the field of view is wide. The loop feature is particularly useful for capturing unexpected traffic events. The down side is a lack of a discrete head mounting system. I need the camera head to move as I turn my head, and would very much like to see a neckband mount like the competing Taser Axon offers. But at a third of the price of the Taser Axon, I can live with the camera head zip tied to my sunglasses. (Posted on 13/11/2009)

  2. excellent Review by blzrgb

    The 8 gig upgrade is sweet. Then add the power hatch and go play and forget about swapping cards or batteries. COOL !!!!!!! (Posted on 25/02/2009)

  3. It's made skiing even more fun! Review by PJ

    I've been using it for a week of skiing at Winter Parkl, Colorado and so far and it's great. A terrific conversation starter on the chairlift and in the liftlines. I'm more popular now than before (hard to believe I know)! Everyone wants me to video them skiing. Check out the video at:

    Can't wait to take it up to Berthoud Pass!

    PJ (Posted on 31/12/2008)

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