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V.I.O. POV Exposure Control Firmware 1.4

The new VIO Exposure Control firmware upgrade improves overall subjective video quality by offering several new user selectable exposure settings. By providing options in the settings the user gets to decide the trade-offs in performance shooting scenarios. Please see detail information and the Video example for a quick understanding of each setting.

POV.1 CLASSIC: {POV.1.0, 1.5 default}
This mode provides a balanced all-purpose exposure control for accurate color and brightness.
This is the default AE control used in POV.1 and POV.1.5.

COLOR OPTIMIZED: {variant to classic}
This mode is similar to the POV.1 CLASSIC setting but with proprietary tweaks in the algorithm. This provides for the best all-around color and brightness accuracy. This setting would typically result in slightly “darker” results when compared to the other AE modes.

VIO POV Exposure Control Firmware 1.4 Color Optimized

DETAIL OPTIMIZED: {Brighter} Setting with detail enhancements over classic and color optimized
This mode is similar to the COLOR OPTIMIZED setting but provides for increased detail in the darkest areas of the scene: making details more visible in these areas. This setting would typically result in darker areas appearing brighter when compared to COLOR OPTIMIZED.

VIO POV Exposure Control Firmware 1.4 Detail Optimized

TWILIGHT/ENHANCED: {twilight Outdoor} Setting with increased sensitivity and optimized for outdoor use
This mode is specifically designed for outdoor twilight/high-contrast scenarios. It will be less sensitive to the upper half of the field of view, in many user cases, the sky. Under many circumstances including dusk or dawn lighting conditions (generally considered the most difficult) this mode will yield increased detail of road surfaces, trails, etc. It does so at the expense of color fidelity, especially above the horizon.

VIO POV Exposure Control Firmware 1.4 Twlight Enhanced

SPOT METERING (NARROW): concentrates the algorithm on the center of the image and discounts the extreme edges of the field of view
This mode optimizes the exposure for a small region in the center of the field of view. It can be especially useful under difficult lighting conditions, where the subject is significantly brighter or darker than the remainder of said field of view.

VIO POV Exposure Control Firmware 1.4 Spot Metering Narrow

SPOT (WIDE): Similar to Spot Narrow, except increases the algorithm area
This mode is similar to the SPOT (NARROW) mode except the region has been expanded. Simply put, it’s a bigger spot.

VIO POV Exposure Control Firmware 1.4 Spot Metering Wide

AE LOCK: Fixed Exposure Setting
This selection locks the exposure settings to their current values by disabling automatic exposure. This allows the user to choose how to deal with situations in which lighting is expected to vary repeatedly over the length of a clip as it would on a trail with rapid changes between light and shadow. In this case the user can manually try different lighting conditions and choose the best compromise, and lock that exposure for the entire clip.
A brief explanation of how to set AE Lock follows:
The current exposure settings are actually locked the moment a user switches from STANDBY to MENU mode. Placing the system into AE LOCK while in the MENU mode instructs the system to maintain those “Locked” exposure settings when exiting from MENU back to STANDBY mode. To repeat, the exposure settings are locked the moment one switches from STANDBY to MENU mode.

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