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V.I.O. POV.HD Advanced 1080p Point of View Camera

V.I.O. is one of the most well known names in the burgeoning market of helmet cameras. Starting out as Viosport back in 2000, VIO practically invented the POV wearable cameras niche when sports fanatics were duct taping video cameras on their gear. V.I.O's innovative design and highly regarded action video cameras are widely used nowadays by users in all sorts of fields but are beloved by people recording adventure and sports, such as mountain biking, motocross, skiing, snowboarding and motorcycling. Vio's POV cameras also are popular among military, law enforcement and homeland security agencies.

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V.I.O.'s expertise reached an apex with the release of the VIO POV.1.5 in a unique housing that included one of the first LCD viewfinders in a pov camera. The VIO POV 1.5 integrated POV systems are designed to be easily wearable. They are manufactured to be lightweight and to withstand a variety of climate conditions. In addition, their design makes them simple to use. V.I.O. has established the benchmark for durability, video quality and adaptability to multiple uses. Specially packaged versions of the VIO POV.1.5 included the motorsport and retailers often offered POV.1.5 cameras in specially bundled MegaPacks for additional flexibility and savings.

In the spring of 2011 VIO released the highly anticipated evolution to the popular POV 1.5 with the POV.HD. V.I.O. wisely kept all the key elements of the POV 1.5, sticking to the tried and true housing, wireless remote control, LCD and external swappable camera lens on a cable. The major changes in the POV HD are in the soul of the machine, the things you don't see. Incorporating the new Texas Instruments Da Vinci imaging chip, the POV.HD pushes video quality innovation forward by utilizing the chip's unparalleled image processing capabilities. You get real time video correction to the things that matter most to a videographer. Camera lens distortion correction, vignetting correction and lens sharpening to correct lens softness means you get the very best video straight out of the camera.

Of course as the VIO POV HD name implies you get full 1080p (1920 x 1080) 24/25/30fps and 720p (up to 60fps) resolution. Additional features retained from the previous V.I.O. include a battle hardened waterproof case, 2" LCD viewfinder with a waterproof and ultra wide angle lens and industry leading sound recording.

The full featured POV.HD camcorder comes in a ready to go package with everything you need the moment you purchase it. Even a travel case, SD card and batteries are included.

The complete V.I.O POV.HD package contains:

  • POV.HD camcorder with LCD preview/playback
  • Wide angle camera head with 1.5 meter cable
  • Wireless remote control with wrist band
  • Patented Star Mount with adhesive Mounting Foam, adhesive backed Velcro and Rare earth magnets
  • Goggle strap mount system with zip ties and Velcro strips
  • Rugged and compact carrying case for camera and accessories
  • 4GB SD card
  • LCD protective cover
  • USB cable for computer connection
  • LVDS cable
  • Analog A/V cable for connecting to TV
  • AA batteries
  • CD with tutorials and Quick Start Guide

The VIO POV HD is considered the finest and toughest built helmet camera available with all the features any action videographer would want. Additional V.I.O. POV mounting accessories are available in our store.

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