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Twenty20 VholdR Camera

The VHoldR is a great all-in-one helmet camera, simple to operate with user friendly design, incredibly light.Get on top of your shot with laser sharp aim! You'll know exactly what you're shooting , when you want to shoot it with VHoldR's unique feature: dual laser beams.

Product #: 1102

Discontinued Notice


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for product reference only.

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Product Description

Introducing the VholdR Complete Camera System from Twenty20.

A precision-crafted palm-sized armored camcorder with uncomplicated "one-click" functionality.

Great all-in-one helmet camera, simple to operate with user friendly design. This cam is Super light, and features laser pointers to give the user an idea as to what they are capturing in the picture frame. The VholdR comes with everything you need to get started.

VholdR mounts to nearly anything, from helmets to handlebars, roll cages to bull horns. It captures TV quality audio and video to a MicroSD card, and it's abuse proof. No tapes, no cables, no kidding. So get your VholdR today, and get in the game!

  • Weighing just 8 ounces, VholdR captures 30 fps at 640x480 resolution in MPEG4 format to removable microSD media, connecting to your computer via USB 2.0 cable.
  • Lithium polymer battery is swappable (Just over 2 hours of continuous recording time).
  • Memory and battery life are indicated via LED.
  • It's TRail Mount Interface attaches VholdR to nearly anything, including helmets, bicycles, goggles, roll cages and more.
  • Its lens rotates 192 degrees, and utilizes twin lasers for image framing.
  • VholdR's ease of use is complemented by integrated software so you can share your moving videos in seconds.



Image Capture

Unlike any other ordinary lenses, the front of the camera houses at least 3 major elements:
  • Dual lasers activate on demand, sending out referencing beams indicating two pieces of information, where the camera is pointed, and if it is level.
  • The lens itself is a glass eye with a focal length covering the gamut, from arm's length to infinity, which focuses visual information onto a CMOS image capture card at 640x480 resolution.
  • Both the lens and the capture card rotate together 192 degrees within a pivoting hermetically sealed capsule. This means no matter how you mount the camera, VholdR sees a level world. And you thought it was just a lens.

Armored Video

Everybody recognizes the sound of cracking plastic, or the feeling of dread as we watch an expensive camera hit the ground and disintegrate into a dozen fragmented pieces.

That’s not a problem with VholdR. We recognize through years of action sports experience that gear is subjected to abuse, and the harder the sport, the harder the abuse.

VholdR is made from brushed aluminum, baked fiberglass and rubber. It’s guts and nerves are silicon treated and insulated from the elements, keeping you in the game, no matter the mud, the dirt, the snow and the rain. Gravity is unwavering, and so is VholdR. Single Button Recording Operation - Pure and Simple.

On - Off Repeat

It doesn't’t get easier than single button record operation. Even with gloves on, hitting the button is easy. Slide it forward and a beep indicates that VholdR is rolling. Slide it back and a beep indicates that it’s off.

Each flick of the switch creates a new file. Want ten seconds of something? No problem – on and off. Want five minutes? No problem, on . . . and off.


VholdR's rear facing LED hatch houses the movables:
  • Removable battery swap on the fly and extras available
  • MicroSD card removable and 1GB = 50min. of action
  • USB 2.0 cable included in the box
  • Indicator lights green=go, yellow=1/3 left, red=uh oh.

Fine Line Processing

Smear kills action video. If a video processor can’t keep up with the action, the result is jagged lines and smeared images. So VholdR changed the rules.

Instead of relying on a software–based system, we’ve created a hardware–based processor dedicated to one thing – video. This is the equivalent to hiring an employee to only turn on the lights – no answering phones, running for coffee, or stroking any egos.

The result? Smooth, sharp, and colorful TV quality AUDIO and VIDEO.

Flexible Mounting

Where you put VholdR dictates what kind of video you'll get. VholdR's mounting options are designed to give you the flexibility to capture video in ways hardly anyone has predicted.

We've planned for flat surfaces like helmets, boards, car hoods, windows, tabletops and more; vented surfaces like bike helmets, cages, backpacks and such; narrow gauge objects like handle bars, golf clubs, ski poles and hang glider frames; and of course large gauge framework such as windsurfing masts, bull horns, roll cages, dogs and whatever you can come up with.

What's Included:

  • VholdR Camera System
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • VholdR Video Sharing Software
  • 1 GB microSD Card
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Universal Mount Base Plate (Standard Helmet Mount)


We told you a little bit about the TRail™ mounting system in the features section, but really, what's the point of bragging about some patented and trademarked mounting system if we don't even show you the mount itself?

The mount is where your video gets its point of view. The sexy rails on VholdR's sides ensure every mount "slides and locks" into place. Line up the rails, slide into place, and wait for the click. VholdR™ is holding on. Now take us for a ride.


UPC 793573474791
Manufacturer Contour


Video Processing: FineLine™ Hardware Encoding
Video size pixels (lines):640x480 (480 lines)
Frame rate: 30fps
File Type: mpeg4
Video rate: 50min/GB
Avg. battery life: 2 hours


Sensor Type: CMOS
Quality: Minimum illumination: 0.04 Lux @f/1.2
High sensitivity for low-light operation
Low fixed pattern noise, anti-blooming, zero smearing
Low power consumption


Type: 1/4" 4G
Size: 3.6mm
Viewing Angle: 90°


Waterproof Microphone
Sensitivity (0dB=1V/Pa, 1KHz): -44±2dB
Direction: Omni-directional
Frequency Range: 100-10,000Hz


Media: MicroSD
Battery: Removable lithium polymer
Output: Mini USB 2.0
Slide lock on-record/off-stop switch
Push button battery/memory life indicator

Size and Weight:

Height: 95mm (3.75 in.)
Length: 53mm (2.1 in.)
Width: 34mm (1.35 in.)
Weight: 4.8oz


Customer Reviews

  1. Contour HD Review by jumpskyplane

    I recently went to VholdR's website and checked out their products. I was amazed because to the best of my knowledge they have the first wearable HD camera called the ContourHD. I am very familiar with the Twenty20 and have no complaints about it. But now that I have found the HD camera I have to upgrade. The sample video that they have on their website is awesome.

    The specs that is posted is far better that any other point of view camera on the market. The new camera has all of the great things I loved about the Twenty 20 but the company has taken it a step further with the ContourHD. Hands down the best POV on the market. (Posted on 11/05/2009)

  2. Great purchase - much better than the rest! Review by Jaime Django

    I recently purchased my VholdR a few months ago and couldn't be happier. Before the winter settled in I took it out dirtbiking, but as of late I've gotten the snowboarding bug so it's been all powder for me. I can honestly say that the VholdR is an excellent piece of recording technology!

    Incredibly durable and built to withstand any weather condition or element (dirt, sand, etc.), the VholdR is like an armored vehicle weighing in at under 5 ounces. Video quality is impressive for its size (640x480, 30 fps) and it has a built-in microphone. Plus it is very easy to operate while you're out riding & wearing gloves.

    What really sold me on the VholdR were two main features that other POV cameras don't have: a dual laser positioning system and rotating lens. Basically, the dual lasers will show you exactly where the camera is pointing so you'll never have to cross reference or second guess (or, worse yet, come back after a long ride to realize you were pointing at the dirt the entire time). The rotating lens allows you to mount to camera on either side, so that it can mount pretty much anywhere you want!

    I don't do product reviews often, but when I do, it's because I truly believe in the product. I highly recommend the VholdR! (Posted on 16/12/2008)


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