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GoPro HD Replacement Quick-Release Housing

GoPro HD Replacement Quick-Release Housing

Product Review (submitted on 27 January 2012):
The case is indeed hard plastic.Imo too hard to the pint of being brittle.My applications involve changing out the back plate often on the waterproof case.I noticed a hairline crack on the bottom "hinge" clips at the base of the main unit.The unit itself suffered from no excessive shock or abuse I use the case while paintballing and now the hair line crack has completely gone across the bottom of the clips and they have broke completely off.I emailed costomer service explained what happened ,sent pic and the replied"Unfortunately you will need to purchase a new replacement HD Housing on our website. I spoke with the managment here regarding this issue and our warranty policy ONLY covers manufacturing defects" ...not too pleased with this kind of warranty service .
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