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Liquid Image Scuba Series, Summit Series, Impact Series, Freestyle Series Camera Goggles and Masks

The Liquid Image line of underwater camera masks allow users to explore the depths of the sea, hands free, while capturing their dives from their unique point of view. Incorporating cutting edge filming technology within a quality swim mask design, Liquid Image products are innovative, eliminating the need for a separate bag to hold your camera gear. For the skiers, snowboarders, swimmers, and motocross riders out there, Liquid Image has evolved their ingenious design into goggle cameras to suit all types of sports.

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Liquid Image took the market by storm in 2009 with the release of their original Explorer Series camera. Since then, they have continued to provide a quality line of products that are cutting edge, offering the latest and greatest features so you can get the most out of every dive. Following the Explorer Series, Liquid Image blew our socks off with the Video Series, which captured footage at D1 resolution, following this came the Scuba Series, kicking up the resolution factor to a clean, smooth 720p HD. This changed everything, allowing divers to capture fluid, clean imagery from the depths of the sea and giving them the ability to share every second of their individual point of view with those back on land.

But, Liquid Image isn't just for the dive savvy, their products range for all experience and cost levels, with great options for beginners to pros. With dive masks rated up to 40 metres (130 feet), pro divers can capture their perspective of the deep blue. The added beauty of these cameras is their long list of optional accessories, including lens filters and side lights to help provide pristine quality in even the most unforgiving conditions.

With their tight grip on the underwater market, Liquid Image decided to reach out to the Ski and Snowboard community with their new Summit Series of cameras. Blowing you away with crisp, clear 720p HD resolution, these camera take the sport to a new level, allowing you to show everyone just how well you shred that powder.

Experience the difference that Liquid Image products can bring to your films, combining a user friendly interface with supreme quality, allowing you to capture the highest peaks or deepest wrecks from your point of view.

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