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Helmet Cams Are Indispensable For Action Sports Fans

Tiny helmet cams or point of view cameras which can be connected to sports helmets have become huge a trend among action sports junkies during the last few years. These helmet mount cams are being used to record all sorts of activities from skiing to mountain biking, water sports to motorsports on cars and bikes.

Sports fans can now record their own wide angle action videos just like ESPN. These miniature helmet cams are specially designed so that they can be quickly attached or removed from the helmets. This allows a totally hands free approach to videography making it incredibly useful for all types of sports. You are able to effortlessly record breathtaking videos without risking your life or ruining your form by taking your hands off your equipment.

Helmet cams are lightweight, tiny and built tough to handle all the abuse you put them through. Most of them are waterproof making them ideal for water or snow sports or for when it's raining hard.

Considering all that goes into a helmet cam they are a great deal for the money. Prices vary from around $99 for GoPro Digital HERO at the low end, while mid priced HD cameras such as ContourHD, ContourHD 1080p and GoproHD Helmet Hero range from $250 to $300. High end models like the Vio 1.5 go for just over $500. There are helmet video cams available to fit anyone's budget. It does not matter if you're a pro or weekend action sports fanatic. A helmet cam is destined for you!

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