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GoPro has been around for years and began by producing tough, little, waterproof film cameras. That was a long time ago, but their quality has been maintained in their modern HD counterparts. The HD HERO cameras from GoPro offer point of view video enthusiasts the opportunity to capture their wicked stunts and epic adventures in buttery smooth, HD format.

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GoPro is well known - and for good reason, they offer versatile, excellent quality HD wearable cameras that can take a beating and still produce slick video. HERO's are super small as well, which makes using them a simple task, because all you have to do is mount it somewhere, hit record and do your thing - it's so small, it's almost like it isn't there.

Another great thing about the HD HERO is that its stunning 1080p footage is captured at such a wide angle. This means that whatever your point of view happens to be, you don't wind up missing a lick of the action.

GoPro Cameras are built to last, but are also built to be compatible with the wide range of HD mounts and accessories, so whenever you want to check out a crazy, new sport or experiment with a different point of view, you have a mess of mounts at your disposal. And GoPro keeps going by adding cool new features to their lineup, like the Battery BacPac or LCD BacPac expansions. The HD HERO has a way of taking POV action video to the next level, and you have to respect that.

GoPro wearable cameras have brought versatility and simplicity to the world of HD point of view filming. They quickly attach to helmets and other mounting surfaces, offering a truly epic, hands free and High Def hands free filming experience - just perfect for securing your bragging rights.

GoPro Testimonials

This is the best sports cam I've ever used. ~ Gizmodo
...the GoPro system is an absolute steal ~ CNET
The GoPro Helmet Hero Wide is one of the most advanced helmet cams we have seen yet. ~ Popular Mechanics, January 2009
I can see GoPro completely dominating the POV market. ~ Ben DeCamp, Staff Photographer Surfer Magazine
This camera isn't just easy to use, it's addictive...the GoPro Motorsports HERO wins our nod for best all-around onboard (camera). ~ Autoweek Magazine
...after testing it for the past six months I can honestly say it's one of the coolest, handiest little cameras I've ever used. ~ Mark Anders,
Editors Choice Award - Video Camera ~ Backpacker Magazine, April 2009
2008 & 2009 Top Selling Product Award ~ Dealer News Top 100 Retailer Poll (Motorcycle Industry)

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