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Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth

Drift is no stranger to the world of point of view video, they've been on the market for sometime, starting with the introduction of their X170 camera. This camera made POV video accessible to everyone, providing athletes with a reliable and durable outlet to capture their epic moments - letting them put anyone in their shoes, again and again. The X170 paved the way for it's sister camera, the HD170, which embodies the likeness of the X170 with it's rough and tumble, rubberized, coat of orange armour. But the Drift HD170 is different, it packs HD Video into a lightweight, versatile point of view camera, allowing extreme sports junkies to show the world what they can do! The added improvement to the HD170 over the X170 is the inclusion of a rechargeable lithium ion battery - putting an end to wasteful acid batteries.

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Drift Innovation knows what they are doing and they listen to market demand to provide their customers with product that suits their needs. After the success of the HD170, Drift launched their HD170 Stealth, wrapping all the great features of the HD170 into a more subtle body design, replacing the flagship orange, with the same tough, rubbery coating - but in a sleek black finish. This change allows Drift to slide easily into the law enforcement and military markets, while adding a much more streamlined aesthetic to the camera. The added bonus to the HD170 Stealth is the upgraded processor chip, which provides point of view footage that can be viewed in buttery smooth, seamless HD slow motion - ideal for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The HD170 and Stealth by Drift Innovation are sought out by a huge community of action sports junkies and are an unbeatable choice for sky diving, mountain biking, motocross, racing, skateboarding and nearly anything else you want to catch from your point of view. The added bonus of the tough, water resistant body creates a camera that is not afraid to play in the mud or snow - making it suitable for a wide range of winter sports.

Whether you are tearing up a race track or exploring mountain trails, Drift has all of your adventures covered with the unique point of view of their HD170and HD170 Stealth cameras. With Drift on your side, you will never miss a moment of the action.

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