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Contour brought one ot the original point of view action cameras into the world based on the creators love for skiing and they've never looked back. Contour, formerly known as Twenty20 VholdR, has staked their claim on the market as producers of the wildly popular ContourHD helmet camera, followed by the ingenious development of their award winning ContourGPS camera and their upcoming Contour+ camera featuring a six-element glass lens and wider field of view.

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Boasting highly rated reviews on sites like Gizmodo, Contour began as Twenty20 VholdR, a namesake inherited from the original camera. This camera was developed by two business grads from the University of Washington who were seeking a way to capture their downhill ski excursions, while eliminating the restrictions presented from bulky camcorders attached with duct tape. At this time, all the way back in 2003, wearable cameras didn't really exist, but these two saw a place for their product on the market.

Since Contour's original release, they have continued to surpass the competition with quality equipment that doesn't weight down the user. With the introduction of the ContourHD, followed by the worlds first true High Definition wearable camera - the ContourHD 1080p, point of view video was taken to a whole new level. It allowed adrenaline junkies to capture all of their crazy footage for crystal clear playback suitable for the big screen. But Contour wasn't done, they had another trick up their sleeve - in the form of GPS enabled video, with the Contour GPS.

As a leading innovator in the POV camera marketplace, Contour recently announced the release of the Contour Connect View Viewfinder app made for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod Touch (3rd and 4th generation). Plus it also works on both models of the iPad and will soon work with Android smartphones. This bluetooth card and free viewfinder app combo provides the Contour GPS with live, wireless preview in addition to camera configuration options right from your smartphone! With is low cost card and free software, you immediately have the largest and best LCD viewfinder of any helmet camera on the market.

Contour has a way of setting the bar in the realm of POV video, by pouring an insane amount of time and experience into the production of their products. Their action cameras allow you to capture footage from your point of view, or from that of your bike, board, head... wherever you like, with their stable TRail mounting system. Their mounts lock tight and don't let go until you want them to. Contour cameras ensure that you catch all of the HD action with simple one button control from a device so minimal, you will hardly know its there. But their small bodies don't mean that they can't take a beating... these action cameras are built to last, with rugged, shock and water resistant bodies - clad in a tough coat of armour. No matter where you want to take it, be it into the surf, deep into the sea, out on the riding trails, the race track, high in the mountains - or even the sky, Contour's quality will always be there to back you up and prove your claims.

Contour has developed an online community, where you can upload your films, share your experience and knowledge and show off your skills to people like you from around the globe. Maybe your point of view videos will help to teach some people a thing or two, and maybe you will learn something new yourself.

So, grab your new contour and catch every death-defying move you make - all from your point of view. Go ahead, show the world what you can do - in smooth, buttery HD format.

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