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Camalapse Time Lapse Mount

The camalapse can help you create panning time-lapse videos or panoramic images with your ultra compact digital camera. Capture up to 360°/60min of pictures or video with the camalapse.

Product #: CAMALAPSE

Discontinued Notice


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. This page is for product reference only.

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Camalapse Time Lapse Mount

Product Description

Get cool b-roll footage by setting up your GoPro, Drift, Contour or other ultra compact digital cameras on the camalapse and capture up to 360 degrees of footage over an hour. Simply attach your camera to the top of the camalapse via a tripod adapter (if necessary) and either attach the camalapse to a tripod or set on a low/flat/stable surface. Point your camera where you would like the video to end and while firmly holding the bottom half of the camalapse, twist the top portion of the camalapse so that the camera is pointed towards your starting point. Click record and you are all set. (tripod, camera and tripod adapter not included - shown in pictures for example only - see the compatible parts tab to purchase the appropriate adapter if needed). Due to the weight/balance and location of the tripod mounts on various cameras, we can't recommend the camalapse for all cameras. However, you might find that if your camera is small, lightweight (less than 16oz) and fairly center balanced, the camalapse may work for your particular camera.

Perfect for cameras less than 16oz, software not included, not water resistant, and not to be used on moving objects.


UPC 736211761354
Manufacturer Camarush
  • Weight: ~2.0 oz
  • Dimensions: 2" tall x 2.5" diameter


Customer Reviews

  1. Not Durable Review by Alex

    Just received the camalapse to use for panning and I was very upset to see that the tripod mount on the top was made of plastic. Plastic?!?! I cant think of another accessories I have ever come across that did not have a metal threading. Would it have been that hard for them to put a metal screw on the top so it was more durable.

    Feeling like I could have made a better more durable one for cheaper.

    Serves its function, but its very brittle and I dont expect it to last long before it breaks. (Posted on 05/09/2012)

  2. Excellent Service Review by Sam

    I bought one of these a few weeks ago for some time-lapse photos. I overtightened the camera to the base and broke the first time I used it :( Fortunately I as able to get it replaced from point of view cameras. There customer service was quick to help me and provided more than I ever expected. I've since been using the replacement without any problems, just have to be sure not to over tighten as it does have plastic threads. (Posted on 26/06/2012)

  3. Poor quality Review by

    I bought one and mounted the GoPro and when I removed it the thread snapped clean off it! Really unimpressed by the quality, it's made of cheap brittle plastic. I didn't even tighten it that much (I know there are warnings). I've now got a redundant tripod mount for the GoPro as well as an egg timer with no bell. For the money, I was expecting something that would at least take some abuse in the camera bag and was hoping to get some use out of it.

    I'm really disappointed! (Posted on 13/06/2012)

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