Sample From Our Point of View Camera Shooting Guide

helmet cam shooting guide

Here is a sample excerpt from our free POV Camera Shooting Guide we send out to every customer who buys a camera from us.

The ten Golden Rules of Point of View Camera filming

Remember, there are no rules in filming your action sports with point of view cameras. Well, except for these ones. They're golden.

  • Stay Steady: When the helmet cam is mounted to your helmet keep your head steady and try not to rotate rapidly from side to side. This will create a video that is easier to watch.
  • Reference Point: For compelling video, use a frame of reference, such as another person or your visor.
  • Sun at Your Back: When possible, keep the sun at your back.
  • Explore Different Angles: Don't get stuck in a rut with one angle or perspective. The video you get should blow you away, every time. No short honeymoon for you and your new baby! The excitement should last a lifetime of adventure sports action and filming. Your helmet cam can go just about anywhere, so let it. Let it shock you, amaze you, break you down in tears of joy, whatever, just get creative and let it blow you away.
  • Stay out of the Shadows: The light is always best at sunrise and sunset, but you need to be more careful at those times because you will have a longer shadow. If the sun is at your back, your shadow will likely be in the shot. If it’s cloudy, no worries.
  • Overcast in the Forest: When shooting in the forest, we always prefer overcast days as the light is more even and consistent. It gets really spotty in the woods on a sunny day, which doesn’t look good on video.
  • Communicate: If you’re following someone down the hill, communicate with each other to make sure they don’t get too far in front of you.
  • Choose your helmet mount properly: For smooth helmets, such as snowmobile, motorcycle or full face biking helmets, we suggest Adhesive Mounts, or the magnetic star mount for POV 1 , or POV 1.5 users. For attaching to a deep vented helmet, use a velcro mount that hooks through the vents, to give you more stability. Plan your video and do some test shots to see whether you want to use a pipe mount on your bike for a different angle. Don't assume you know what you're getting in terms of video.
  • Be Playful - If you're a speed demon, try this: mount the camera facing behind you to capture your friends as you leave them in the dust (or in the powder). Take your time if you're setting up this shot, to make sure that you're not filming the sky, or your behind.
  • Get Resourceful and Creative - There are a multitude of mounting options available to you, and ways that you can use your camera to get unbelievable film.

Planning to wow your friends with your videos? Keep these additional things in mind:

  • Save the scenic shots for the tripod or hand held camera.
  • Don’t bother filming climbing unless it’s a spectacular setting and it’s a short shot. Remember, you’ll want to keep your audience engaged so don’t let it get boring.

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