GoPro HD HERO RC Racing

Hobby Town Fun Run

We started the race season off with a fun run.  The weather was beautiful and we had a blast.  Filmed exclusively with the GoPro HD Hero in r3 mode 720p at 60fps.

Our local hobby shop hosts races in their back parking lot on weekends.  We kicked off this racing season with a fun run.  I have filmed the action with the GoPro HD Hero in r3 mode, 1280 x 720 at 60fps.  That makes for great slow mo.  I made a custom mount for the camera out of a piece of scrap plastic that is attached to the battery retainer in the center of the truck.

The truck is a Traxxas Slash, short course truck modeled after the TORC Series Trophy trucks seen on ESPN.  Traxxas is a manufacturer of RC vehicles but also the owners of two of the TORC series trucks.  The two brothers that drive the full size trucks are the masterminds behind Traxxas RC vehicles.  As owners of Traxxas, they incorporate knowledge from real racing into the design of the RC vehicles and vice versa.  During the TORC races, they use GoPro Hero cameras to record the action.  I wanted to do the same with my HD Hero.  I cut out the windshield and mounted it under the body to give it the feel of actually sitting in the driver’s seat.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Special thanks go to Mark Empey for his video and write up!
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