Buyer Recommends VIO POV

Watch this video.  You will enjoy it for several reasons.  One of the reasons I loved it was because initially it shows the video footage that the user captured using his very own VIO POV.  The helmet cam worked brilliantly as the biker sailed through the snow.  It captured the surrounding sites, the snow, and all the movements.  When you are watching the video, you get a feeling for what it would be like to capture your own personal video.  The helmet cam would come in handy if you were a biker, motorcyclist, skateboarder, etc.
One of the other great resources that this video provides is a product review.  It is rare to find a review of a product directly from someone who owns and uses it.  This review is one you can count on because you can witness the use of the helmet cam and then hear what they liked about their experience with it.
The VIO cameras are an industry favorite.  Many adventurists trust these gems for all their sporting needs.  They offer a variety of tools for your point of view camera needs.  After watching the video, it is apparent that the features and benefits that the VIO POV offers are definitely worth the investment.

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