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GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition. Smaller, lighter, mightier still. The most advanced GoPro yet.
HITCASE PRO: Waterproof. Shockproof. Mountable. Changing the way you use your iPhone

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Welcome to best cfd trading platform in Nigeria, the largest marketplace for stocked POV camera systems. We provide quality action cameras, designed to record your crazy adventures on the bike trails, up the mountains, under water… basically anywhere. We carry a mess of wearable camera brands, including GoPro, Hitcase and Contour - not to mention some newcomers to the market that are just aching to capture all the action you can throw at it. We also carry a range of GPS enabled and GPS compatible cameras, which allow you to document your every move in greater detail with speed, elevation and positional data.

Our wide selection provides us with the foothold to offer an action camera option for every budget. Whether motocross, cycling, surfing, snowboarding or skiing is your poison of choice, we have a product that will grab those champion angles like no other. If you are into diving, climbing, cross country biking, flying… whatever… you'd better believe we have a camera that will fit your needs. The whole point of a POVcamera is to capture your epic bails, wins… adventures - so you can show everyone you know just how much fun you are having.

These action cameras are built to last, and will follow you on your journeys again and again, which means choosing the right camera for your needs is a very important task. Our expert customer service team is here to answer any questions you might have, ultimately steering you in the direction of the point of view camera that is just right - for you.

Along with our excellent customer service you get:

No matter what action sports you fill your free time with, there is a point of view camera just waiting to be strapped to you, your bike, board or any other piece of gear that will ensure an epic recording! At, we are crazy about POV video, and we are here to make your choice easier… so you can get on with the show.

And remember, multi asset trading platform 'Video, or it Didn't Happen.' Play Safe.

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  1. Great Camera Review by bison

    Nice camera (Posted on 18/03/2014)

  2. Only works with quick charge cable Review by JB

    My only beef is that you cannot use a standard USB cable with this....only the green non-data cable they supply. This is not mentioned. Much confusion could be eliminated by stating this. All other AC-USB chargers do it, use USB data for charging....not this one. It will power any other device using a USB data cable, except their own camera. So, the only way to get a slow charge is through a computer. multi assets trading platform (Posted on 08/05/2013)

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